Classic Family 4 Wheeled Folding Shopping Trolley by Carlett

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Classic Family 4 Wheel Folding Shopping Trolley by Carlett

A high quality Shopping Trolley aimed for a family sized shop designed with a larger capacity bag plus a cooler compartment.  You'll love the way it glides effortlessly!  Check out some more features:

CLASSIC Product range: LETT470 in 4 Colours: Volcano, Ice, Ruby or Pine

  1. 40 to 65lt principal bag capacity (32Kg)
  2. 6 wheels 
  3. Lateral safety reflectors
  4. Ergonomic Adjustable handlebar
  5. Rotative front wheels
  6. Adjustable Buckle closure
  7. Frontal Isothermal bag
  8. Rear brake and removable wheels 
  9. Rear safety brake  
  10. Eco-conscious materials 
  11. Lateral mesh pocket
  12. Rear pocket with zipper
  13. Foldable
  14. Lightweight