CARLETT Shopping Trolleys, Reusable Bags, Folding Carts, Luggage

BUY a quality CARLETT Shopping Trolley with a reusable bag online.  BEST range of ergonomic Foldable Shopping Carts, 2 wheel or 4 wheel Grocery Shoppers and Trolleys with Seats or Rollators.

Our Trolleys with Seats & Rollators are designed to assist walking.  

Modern, lightweight design to suit all ages and abilities.

Our Ergonomic Shopping Trolley Models all have their own unique benefits & characteristics designed to suit all ages and abilities.

There is a YouTube video on each CARLETT Shopping Trolley making choosing the right one easy.


#LETT201- 2 wheel Trolley

#LETT430 - 4 Wheel Trolley convertible to 2 Wheels

#LETT440 - 4 wheel Trolley

#LETT450 - 4 wheel Trolley convertible to 2 wheels

#LETT460 - 4 wheel Trolley convertible to 2 wheels 

#LETT700 - Shopping Trolley with Seat

#LETT800 - Shopping Trolley with Seat 

#LETT900 - Shopping Trolley with a Seat & Rollator 

#HK001 - Extra Shopping Bag Hook

* Replacement Bags available 


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